Time-track anything — baby moments, diet habits, commute times — in a zoomable, visual format and watch patterns emerge. It's your life, timelined.
How do I use it?

Create a timeline (eg. "Baby activities") and then create timers within it: Sleeping, Eating, Poopy Diapers, Nose Fridas, for example.

Recording moments & events
Tap a timer to record a moment (a single point in time).
Tap & hold a timer to record events.
Left-swipe a timer to record longer events.
Getting around
Swipe left & right to scroll around.
Tap the fast-forward button to jump back to the present.
Double-tap to zoom in.
Tap with two fingers to zoom out.
Adding, Editing, & Deleting
Tap & hold a blank spot on the timeline to add new events or moments in the past.
Tap & hold an event or moment to edit or delete.
Drag the handles to edit an event's start & end times.
You can edit an event being currently timed, too.
Other goodies

Stats view provides fun additional insights: averages, charts, and so on. Tap a label in the graph to jump to that point in the timeline.

Stripe view makes it easier to spot gaps in activity.
I have questions. Who do I talk to?

Me, of course! Comment below and I'll reply, promise. I'd love to hear how you're using Timelined. And thanks for buying the app...I hope it helps reveal fun insights!

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